Not Goodbye Just Vi Ses

When one adventure ends another is surely about to begin.

Når et eventyr slutter er et andet sikkert ved at starte

Hey everyone, I hope things have been going swell for you these past few weeks or whenever my last blog post was. This week was the last week for the fall semester at Olleup and what a week it has been. Heck what a whole semester it has been. I have met some amazing people, learned so much, and been able to experience an entirely new country in just 4.5 months! That’s a lot in just a short period of time. This week was outro week and graduation weekend for the people not continuing. It was so sad to say goodbye to so many great people last night and throughout this week.

When I first came to Ollerup, let alone Denmark, I didn’t know what to expect. I was honestly really nervous and kind of scared of what the semester would hold. I’ve been away from home before but the fact of me (alone in a foreign country) not being able to call or text someone and they be there within 2-3 hours was different for me. I am so glad for all of the people I met at Ollerup, because I really don’t think I could have done it without them. I’m going to truly miss them a lot. This last week was an exciting but sad one. We had many activities for the outro week including lots of fun and games (together with everyone), singing, cake time, me doing a speech at graduation, and singing from our song books. We got song books from the school at the beginning of the year and we have sang from them practically every morning. Because this was the end we wrote in them kind of like how I use to write in yearbooks, which helps people remember once you’re gone. The things I got written in my book were so sweet and kind. Some people at the school think I “have a way with words” but I really don’t think so. It was so hard to write in them, I mean I had lots of memories but never really knew what to say. There was maybe 3 or 4 books I knew exactly what I wanted to say but wrote over the words in one of them so they probably wouldn’t be able to read it….

Anyways, these past few months have been really great overall. I think that I have gained many friends that I will probably never be able to forget nor would want to forget. I hope I will be able to stay in touch with them, because they really did mean a lot to me. I’ve also learned so much over the year. I’ve had been able to do modern, jazz, house, hip hop, and ballet while in my dance class. I’ve also worked my butt off physically and mentally (I think it shows too 😀 ). We had our last show of the semester yesterday and I can honestly say that I gave it all I got. My first dance teacher came and was very impressed, so that’s always encouraging! I even did a really good jump, I don’t think I would be as bragging if I didn’t try to do the same jump 3 or so years ago and not do so well at it. It just made me feel so happy and showed me how much I truly am growing and continue will try to grow. I am very thankful for the experiences Ollerup has offered thus far.

My time at Ollerup is not over yet. This was nearly the beginning of my journey and I can’t wait to continue it starting January. The people I’ve met this year has changed me more than they’ll ever know. I am so thankful for each and every one of them who I can call my friend. Each of them taught me something new and were there for me in my ups and downs. The spring term people have big shoes to fill. One of my friends I made during the fall has even invited me to their house (and yes I’m extra thankful to them) so I’m on a mini adventure now. Spending Christmas with a Dane and will be experiencing something completely new! First time I’m away from home for Christmas but also wouldn’t want to change a thing because I’m excited to be able to be a part of something my first A Danish Christmas. My fall term is over and saying goodbye to friends is never easy but I am so happy that I have been able to meet them and enjoy at least this long with them. Until next time, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas or as the Danes say “Glædelig Jul” 😉

Fullscreen capture 12212015 53610 PM


World Championship

Nej betyder nej!

No means no!

Hey folks, hope everyone is having a great day! Today is December 1st which means AHHHH Christmas is coming! I love Christmas time, there is almost always some kind of cheer and smiling faces from people. I know it’s early but I’m already going to say my first words of wisdom to you 😉 “If you’re not smiling, make sure to try to smile because you never know who’s falling in love with that smile 🙂 ” This Christmas is going to be a brand new experience for me, it’s going to be sad and happy. I’m going to be away from my family this year but also going to be in the great land of Danmark with my friend so I get to experience a DANISH CHRISTMAS!!!

This past week I went to the world championship for power tumbling and my job was being a security guard. Let me tell you something, people do not listen very well and don’t believe in hearing the word no apparently. I have some of the most funny stories though. So this is going to be a funny blog or at least I think they are funny now after I’m not there and don’t have to deal with it any more. These are going to be a series of true events that happened to me while being at the championship.

Let me start off with the day that I had to take a shift that I shouldn’t have. During the days we had a set schedule and so a person might be at a station for 2 hours and then have a 2 hour break to enjoy the competition but sadly a lot of people are getting sick and the person who made the schedule sometimes didn’t have a plan d. For example when a person is supposed to replace you at 3 p.m. but is sick then they’re probably not coming so we have a back up person and well…. that person was sick too… So there I was stuck at zone 13 where everyone wants to sit but is only for paid participants aka people with bracelets and tickets. So anyone who doesn’t have those things are not supposed to be up there. I would tell people no and they would tell me no instead and just walk past me haha People would speak their own language and it was like I was a ghost or not even there.

First story, I’ll try to narrow it down to the best 2 to 3 stories. I was asked by a lady Saturday to move a guy in a wheelchair because he was  blocking her view. I said “oh so you want me to be the bad guy” and she replies with “exactly”. I found someone to cover my area to go searching for someone a tad meaner than I and was told pretty much that he paid for his seat/area to so he doesn’t have to move so I asked well can you tell the lady that and they said no…. So I go back to the lady telling her I went searching for someone meaner, she laughed but then she demanded new seats then. I was a volunteer and clearly didn’t have that power or didn’t think I did. Well the lady points across the room at the other side and says she wants to sit there (which in that section you have to have a 7 on your badge). I said okay do you have a 7 and she says no and I mean of course she says no, that would be to easy if she said yes. I said okay, I’ll see what I can do. I go talk to the guards on duty and they asked their boss and BAM the deed was done, they said yes. I go back upstairs and say okay y’all can move just follow me so I can make sure you get past security with no problem, their response “oh right now? I think we’re going to wait…..” AHHH Don’t complain if you’re not going to be thankful when someone tries to help.

Where I was on guard at their was two sets of stairs on each side of the bleachers. I was on zone 13 and my friend was on 14, it’s small enough to where you could walk back and forth if needed. On this particular day I had two extra people helping me and my friend only had herself. We were making sure to NOT let people in, so I made sure I had back up. I decided to walk over to my friend and was trying her best to not let people in as well. The most commonly used line to get in was I need to see blank or pick up blank, it’ll be just 2 minutes! 2 minutes would turn into a lot longer time so on this day we made sure to make it ONLY 2 minutes and would kick them out after that time. This person came in on my friend’s side and said 2 minutes, like the others, but this time I made sure to kind of follow him and wait haha. I waited on the stairs to where he couldn’t see me and waited about 3-5 minutes then went over to him, by this time he was eating a sandwich and drinking. I told him his two min were up and he said a could of more minutes and I replied well you have 10 seconds haha. After about 7 seconds he was up and went out the way he came in. I told my friend I kicked him out and said I’m going back to my post. While walking I see my two back ups talking to someone and about lost it cracking up when I saw who it was. It was the guy I literally just kicked out, he walked down one set of stairs and walked up the other. He also told them they he didn’t speak/understand English (even though I just had a conversation with him) and said “haha I just kicked him out”. His face was priceless and looked like he just saw a ghost.

My time at the worlds were overall enjoyable and definitely created some stories I can never forget and will gladly tell you more but don’t feel like typing on and on so these two will due for now 😉 I have a hard time saying no a lot of times, so honestly being at a place where I would continuous have to say no to people helped me a little. So sometimes you can’t please everyone, heck most of the time, and sometimes you can/will make people mad but remember always do it with a smile 😀 Good night everyone.


“Du bliver aldrig for gammel til at lære noget nyt”

“You are never to old to learn something new.”

Hey y’all, I hope everyone is having a nice week. I have been so tired and sleepy lately, but I’m surviving at least :). So this blog is about learning. The whole semester but especially this past few days I have felt like a blank book that someone keeps thinking of stuff and writing a storm in. I feel like I am learning and observing a lot more as of lately, I am not sure why but yeah that’s what has been happening. I also feel like I am doing more as of lately, I think I’m going beyond my limits and able to do so, which is AMAZING in my book!

I am learning so much in a short time and continue to do so from both my teachers and friends. Each day I learn something new whether it be a new danish word or how to hold a club in a rhythmical gymnastics class. Heck, as I am typing this right now, I’m watching a girl in the living room playing guitar and singing. I had no clue she could play let alone that she had a beautiful singing voice. I have also witnessed how people act when they are around familiar faces, such as a girl who had her sister visit for the weekend. I witnessed how the sister, who visited, looked up to her older, Ollerup, sister and how the older sister acted when around a family member vs. friends. It made miss my nieces more than ever, but it’s nice learning new things both the good and bad.

This week I went to a Move Congress in Copenhagen and I also did two presentations while at the school. The Move Congress taught me patience and independence. My job there was to take a lot of pictures and I also had a chance to listen to all of the lectures and talk to the participants. It was really neat to be able to listen and see all of the people from around the world to come to this event (there was even a woman from the U.S. who was a speaker). The patience and independence part came from not really not knowing what I was supposed to do once I took the pictures and not knowing what was going on after each event/where I was supposed to be. I decided to just post the pictures on our private group page (I’ll let others decide what to do 😛 ) The presentations this week at school were about happiness/humor and the other about the United States. The humor presentation I learned that smiling and laughing is important. It doesn’t only help you but others as well. For example, if someone is having a bad day, sometimes a simple smile can go a long way. My advice (I like to throw a little advice in my blogs ever so often) make sure to share your smile with the world, you never know who’s looking and whose heart you might melt when you do. Also random side note, laughing is good for your abs so laugh and get a six pack haha. Finally my presentation about America was one of those learning that is good to know but kind of wish you didn’t know. We had to present on the issues of our country and my issues were the obesity rate and the amount of gun deaths we have. More than a third of the adult population in the States are obese and every state has a 20% obesity rate or higher. Between January 1st 2013 and October 1st 2015 there have been 994 mass shootings in 1004 days. I mean I knew the States were a bit “fluffy” and that people died from gun shootings but when you actually have to see the numbers and say it in front of others whoa….. Like I said though, it’s good to learn about the good AND bad, and to try not be another statistic.

I feel like I might have said this in an earlier blog but I’m still learning it and it’s really useful so I’m going to repeat it. Your body and mind are two different things completely. Your mind will tell you that you can’t and that you’re too tired to continue but your body is an amazing thing and can actually keep going longer. Push yourself to go the extra distance, to do just 8 more push ups and two with claps, and if you fall to get back up just as quickly. Don’t let anything stand in your way of your goal. I am also trying to learn how to be more confident and to believe in myself more. I know it’s something that I should do and know how to do it’s just the actual doing it part that’s hard haha. I know though with the teachers I have and the friends I have made anything is possible, I am doing things I would never have imagined doing possible.

These were just a few things that I have observed and learned these past few days, like I said there are a lot of things and would love to say them all but don’t feel like boring ya 😉 Each day try to learn something new, pass your knowledge onto someone else, and always remember to smile when you do. Best of luck on your learning and can’t wait to learn something new, maybe even from someone who is reading this. Good morning or good night (wherever you might be) from Danmark 😀

Dance like it’s your first time

“Alt, hvad du siger eller gør, fortæller historien om dig.”

“Everything you say or do, tells the story about you”

This past week and a little more has just not been  the best for me. I feel like I have went through a war and won the war but lost the battle. So as many of you know or well will know after reading this, me and my girlfriend broke up Sunday the 18th. It was a mutual breakup but still feels kind of sad ya know, I mean we dated for 3 years and 7 months, that’s a long time. We are still friends at least 🙂 Also this week, some stuff I don’t want to mention on a here happened at home and it scared me and made me extra sad. I know even if I was at home there was really nothing I could do about the thing that scared me but still felt defenseless because I am so far away. I am having a lot of fun here at Ollerup but not being able to control things at home is hard. I have also felt like I have been annoying people rather than making them laugh like I use to, I know I’m probably not but been feeling like I have been lately :/.

My last blog was about friendship and let me tell you something, these folks are amazing. Though I feel like I am annoying a lot of times and most of them, I have found out that a lot of them truly care about me. They’ll come to my room and just check up on me or won’t let me pass them in the hallway without giving them hug. I said it a lot in my last post but I appreciate each and every one of them. Life is not always easy but having people who care makes it a bit easier at least. I am trying to get back to being happy, not as annoying Zane, but for some reason something feels strange. Like I know I have people who care here, but when I feel down I don’t want to be around anyone (even if I probably should be) because I don’t want them to feel down as well. I care for people and don’t like making people sad or letting them down even if I am down.

Today may not have been my day or week but I will have to admit I had a great time tonight. Plus I thought I should mention this so this isn’t all sad boo woo kind of post. Tonight I danced, I Zane kind of danced tonight. I was silly, I felt like myself. I felt how I felt the first time I had my first dance class. Ironically, I was dancing Swing, which is actually one of the dances that use to always aggravate me (maybe it doesn’t bother me as much because I have hip hop now 😛 ). I really didn’t want to dance tonight but one of my friends needed a partner and like I said earlier, I don’t like letting people down so there I was tonight. I learned a lesson and me and my partner made it our own. The class was fun but I also feel like we made it a tad more fun for ourselves at least. Thanks for a great class partner (if you read this).

Anyways back to my quote and for your wise words of wisdom from Zane time. Everything you say or do, tells the story about you. Most of the time we write with a pen so things are not always easily erasable, I hope you remember that. Write your story well, right now my story is at it’s grab a tissue box part, but don’t worry, one of these days it be back to not being able to stop smiling and laughing at the random things I do. I love you all and thanks for your support. DSCN9236A picture of Venus and Jupiter from Sunday the 25th, best I could do.


“Gode venner er som stjerner. Man kan ikke altid se dem, men man ved de altid er der”

“Good friends are like stars. You cannot always see them but you know they are always there”

Ah friendship, friends are those people that can annoy the crap out of you but at the same time make you smile and laugh. The people who knows what you are scared of so they like to constantly tell you (insert fear) is behind you just to see you shake a little. They are also the people who will fight tooth and nail for you and tell you everything will be alright when you’re having a rough day. Yeah, this blog is about those kinds of people 🙂 Also random side note, I was asked to write a blog post as a guest blogger for a Danish blog site. Check it out if you get a chance

Ollerup has kept me very busy and I have wanted to post more but sadly cannot always do so. I wanted to write this post about friends and how they can affect a person’s life because well these crazy people really have affected me more than they already know. About two weeks ago, the school had this event called Move Week and two days for Sports event (Move week was the whole week but Sports day was on the Monday and Tuesday). I was one of the people who was in charge of taking photos, editing, and stuff like that for Move Week. On Monday I started feeling a little sick but was still supposed to play Hockey that Monday and Tuesday. As my dad always says, “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”. I could have probably sat out most of the games but stubborn me says nope, I’m playing…… bad mistake. Tuesday evening I felt horrible and probably looked even worse! I ended up going to bed early that day and still felt blaaa in the morning. I woke up late, but still went to my cleaning duty area because every morning each student has an area they are supposed to take care of. I saw one of my friends while grabbing the vacuum and they told me, “Zane you look horrible and you need to go to bed”. I told them I can’t because I was supposed to take pictures that week. When I sign up for a job or make a promise I am a man of my word, but once again “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”. 😉 I made it until about 10:30 or so in the morning before I got tired of hearing “Zane go to bed” haha I wrote on facebook that I finally was going to bed and asked if someone could wake me up for lunch. To my surprise, not even 5 minutes later I got a response saying that someone would. I woke up for lunch, had zero appetite, was told by friends to go back to bed (this time I listened) and was pretty much in bed the rest of the day. I got messages throughout the day though asking how I was feeling, if I needed anything, and the most thoughtful part, people actually coming to my room to bring me tea, bread, or cake. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it brings a tear to my eye to see how kind and thoughtful people are. How kind and thoughtful MY FRIENDS are. Once again thank you to those who took care of me that week and continue to watch over me always.

This past week I went to southern Denmark (and Germany for one day). I really love traveling and seeing the world I live in, it’s so cool to see the similarities and differences in places. Anyways during this week we had to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and in classrooms. The rooms were small and the people many so sleeping is always a fun part of the trip. And yes, I know you’ll ask, I was one of those people who snored…. Kind of loud…… okay super loud…. It’s one of those things I wish I could stop but yeah no luck. I made a couple of folks upset and personally I can’t blame them, I’d be pretty mad too if I (a non-snorer) was trying to sleep and all you heard was (insert loud snore sound). Though I made the people upset, they forgave me (or well I think they have haha). During the week we had to do a lot random things that were actually pretty bonding. I went kayaking the first day! It was so much fun, I kind of let the kayak float itself mostly so I wouldn’t tip but it was still fun :P. Another day we walked majority of the time searching for random things and competing against one another. I climbed a pole, threw freebies from a kayak, wrote a rap song, and tried to run a lap while sucking a pea in a straw. If that doesn’t bond people, I don’t know what will ;). I even learned how to say the roses are red, violets are blue saying in Danish! Thursday was not really my day, it was one of those days that nothing really goes well for you and you just want to grr ahhh jkrnjknknn (I know you know what I mean!) I was kind of short with people. When they asked me something I would answer short and quick, I feel bad about it but even when I was like that they showed compassion to me, they asked if there was something they could do and left me alone when it showed that I just needed me time. They care so much and I care for them as well. I know that is what friends are supposed to do (care) but it still makes me feel warm inside when they do. I appreciate them so much.

Friends are those people who when you’re having a rough day they come to your room because they know you wouldn’t say it to them in a text. A friend is a person who starts to know you more than you know yourself. Ollerup has kept me busy and makes me go crazy sometimes but with friends like the ones I’m making here, it makes the business and craziness seem like nothing. I know I’ve said it a couple of times in this post but thank you and honestly can never say it enough times to them. To everyone reading this, go out and try to make a new friend today (or visit a friend you already have) and make memories that will last a lifetime. I know I am 😀

DSCN9231 DSCN9077 DSCN9076 DSCN0264 DSCN0233 DSCN9049 DSCN8995 DSCN0411 DSCN8957DSCN9923DSCN9925

Dance and Study

“Drøm sødt”

Dream sweet

Hey everyone, it’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve written a blog. No I have not forgotten, I actually really wish I could write more but it’s definitely been super busy here! These past two weeks has had it’s ups and downs like any week, but overall it’s been good and fun! Everything I see and do I learn so much. I’ve been here for about a month or so now but still get surprised about the littlest of things.This isn’t my little ol’ state of Tennessee anymore, even if I’m getting folks to say y’all and cool beans more haha.

So lets talk about going to Odense and seeing a dance concert with the dance and rhythmic line. Let me just say, these are some of the coolest and funniest people I know here. The entire bus ride to Odense one of my friends tried to teach me some of the most random (but useful) danish phrases. Once we got there we had to have lessons outside because we came to the workshop too early, I would have loved to see the peoples reactions from the people living in the building we were at. When the workshop was ready we were able to practice waacking and house. This style is so much different than I’ve ever worked with and…… it’s amazing! After the workshops and being nice and sweaty me and a couple of my friends went out into the town and ate and shopped. We ate at Sunset and it tasted a lot like home, but a tad healthier. I know I write something about food every time and well 😛 this is my blog lol. So the dance concert was probably something I have never seen or will probably see again because it was so different. The speaker told us we couldn’t have our phones out, we would have to enter 5 at a time, hold the person’s shoulder in front of you, and it was pitch black when walking. The show was about energy and I was getting tried just watching, so much passion and force…. and grunting. The dance concert is pretty much all I remember from that week so lets say it was a good one ;).

The following week was our study trip to Copenhagen. I was not looking forward to it honestly. Everyone else (the Danes) went to Iceland, Amsterdam, and Norway and I was in such as short week. Now that the trip is over with though, it was a pretty good week. My bus buddy for the trip and I had some really nice conversation. She taught me one valuable lesson that I need to always remember which was to not care what others thought about you. So what if you look bad in a picture, have confidence in yourself, tell yourself that you look good today. If you feel good about yourself, it really makes you have a different outlook on your life. The city of Copenhagen was really beautiful. I saw the town at night, smiling faces, the city life, the amazing harbor front that you see on postcards, and even the little mermaid ;). It was a pretty good trip, each day was filled with so many activities and things that I will never forget. I made memories with people that will last a lifetime 🙂

Now we are into this week and the quote I said at the beginning. I am having so much trouble saying the first word drøm. The Danes have been decently kind helping me with it (lots of laughing but lots of repeating) but this one is a doozy for me. For some reason I cannot say this word. GRRRRR 😡 I will continue trying my best though and maybe, just maybe I’ll learn how to say that word by some point. Until then, I’ll just write it out 😉


“Hjemme er hvor hjertet er”

“Home is where the heart is”

Welcome to week 4 of Ollerup. If I said I wasn’t tired I would be lying. I feel both mentally and physically exhausted. Week 3 was kind of a hard week for me. I am not sure if I am getting use to being here or not, during the week I have been like an elevator (constantly going up and down). This past week I just completely horrible and down on my luck. If something could go wrong, it felt like it would. I am not saying I or anyone should be happy 24/7 but being down sucks.

I am not sure how the other internationals feel but one minute I can be as happy as a kid who got candy or a baby with their favorite teddy but then out of nowhere it’s as if the heavens open up and pour the rain. I hear or see something and it reminds me of my family, friends, places, or even something in my past and it just brings down my mood. I can hide my feelings a lot of times but like a water bottle you’re filling up with water, it can only hold so much before it begins to overflow. I know there really isn’t much I can do about this besides constantly trying to distract myself with randomness  like games, friends, or other random things like that but is constantly trying to distract yourself a good thing? I really do not think it is, but yet, I am constantly doing that.

I am constantly distracting myself with those kinds of things. Because of this I may feel down some days (okay, so I can’t smile all the time, I’m sorry), I may say something random to make myself laugh (as I constantly jokingly say, if I don’t laugh I’ll cry 😛 ), I will take pictures (seeing my current friends smile, really does help, so as the danish say appelsin 😉 ), and maybe I’ll want my alone time to think. I know no matter how long I am here I will miss my home and friends, I mean like I said at the start “home is where the heart is”. Though I will miss them, I want to live it up my time here. I want to smile at folks to make them smile, I want to say god morgen solskin (good morning sunshine) because it confuses the danes, I want to meet new people and I want to build connections with people.

Life is a funny thing sometimes. I may miss everyone like crazy and feel down one minute but as I am writing this in the living room, I am smiling. I look around and see people having a good time (playing games, talking to each other, laughing). Each of the people I have met here has changed my life, each one molds me into a new/better person. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence on who a person meets. I think these people have been put into my life for a reason. I really appreciate them!

So, I know this wasn’t the most cheery post I have written but I feel like it needed to be said. I will always miss home and when I leave here I know I’ll miss it too. Like I said before, I’m not sure what else to do besides distract myself with games and friends but I thing this is a pretty good distraction 😉 Thanks again venner (friends)!


The Choices of Life

“Livet er et puslespil , hvor passer du ind?”

“Life is a puzzle, where do you fit in at?”

Life is full of choices. Every choice you make changes your life for the better or worse, whether big or small. When I wake up in the morning I try to tell myself “I’m going to have a good day”. By telling myself this, I hope to be put in a certain positive mindset. It’s a choice to say this to myself, like I said whether big or small, life is made up of choices. For example, I made a choice when I decided to apply here, getting accepted and still deciding to go, and actually going on a plane coming here. This was a big decision (choice) I made. In the time I have been here, I have made many choices and have seen others make choices.

Every day at food time, I make a choice to try to eat a healthy meal (though everything here is pretty much healthy compared to America) such as a salad. If you know me, I am not a big salad eater, so have eating all this green stuff is different for me. If you don’t believe me, ask my girlfriend, she’ll tell ya haha. I also try to taste the different kinds of food they have here. Today I had some sort of salmon or fish and yuck, I did NOT like it whatsoever. Other people around me had huge pieces and I had my small little piece which was more than enough for me. I have also tried many other foods served here which I have very much enjoyed and not so much enjoyed but I would have never known though if I didn’t try it. Try new things, who knows, you might find your new favorite meal 😉

This past weekend I had a really great day and an eh day. My Saturday was so lazy, a lot of my friends here went home and I just kind of felt blah and didn’t really want to do anything so I didn’t. That’s a really bad excuse by the way. Anyways I stayed in my room most of the day but did wash my clothes (you’re welcome everyone 😛 ) There were so many things I could have done that day, I could have been working on strengthening my weak ankles, went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, or took a walk, but instead I stayed inside. Next time my friends go home, I will try to be more active and not lay in bed all day. I think by writing it maybe I’ll actually do it…. maybe

Sunday on the other hand, was an amazing day! I woke up, wide awake, and it just felt like a better day than the day before. I ate a fruit breakfast and some pancakes and then I watched Men and Black III and then later went off to take random pictures while walking around the school. One of these days I’ll post all these pictures on Facebook. After refreshments (around 2:30ish) I went to play volleyball with some really funny and great people. We were awful at playing but we had the best of time laughing and making fun of each other about how bad we were. After the fun game a few of us went out swimming and played even more volleyball but in the pool. We did all of this until supper that night. It was a busy Sunday but it was definitely a good kind of busy. It was a choice I made to go out with friends Sunday and be lazy Saturday, I may be happy or not happy with how the days went but it was my decision.

Every time you decide to walk left instead of right, every time you decide to try the salmon instead of just saying “ew that’s disgusting I would never try that”, you made a choice. I have made many choices thus far while being here and I know there are going to be a ton more (good and bad) but with each choice, I grow. When deciding to do anything, remember, you’re making a choice, so think wisely. 😉

DSCN0941 Me and my friends during Volleyball!


“Folk er skøre”

“People are crazy”

Hey y’all, I hope everyone is doing well this Friday morning, evening, or even Saturday depending on your time zone. I have spoken with so many people these past (quick) two weeks I have met people from so many different countries and different backgrounds. It seems so crazy how many people are so different or even the same as on how I was raised. Someone told me today that I had an accent and haha honestly I thought that was so cool, because I feel like I’m usually the one saying something about an accent. Hearing it from someone else was kind of nice 🙂 Anyways, this blog is about the people I have met and just the differences I have already encountered.

Gilligan’s Island is is an American sitcom about seven people who set sail on what is scheduled to be a three-hour tour but end up shipwrecked and stuck on an Island. This is a show that honestly I could turn on a TV in the U.S. anytime and watch but yet if I mentioned it here I would get puzzled looks or even if I sung a country song about skydiving and riding a bull I would get an even more puzzled look. I know this should be expected because it’s “an American sitcom” but still kind of strange how something so common in one place is something totally new to someone else. It shows me that this is such a big world that is so different but unique. I love learning new things about a place or seeing the curiosity in a face when I say something new to them. It’s fun to see that face on someone else beside my own when I hear a danish phrase or something haha.

What makes a person a person is their personality and the way they see life. Overall, there have been some really great people here. There is one person here in particular who can smile at someone and instantly make a person smile for no reason but just because they smiled. A person who can make the world smile when they are feeling down is a really great person. Sadly, I witnessed and felt the opposite yesterday when I saw them down. I really couldn’t do anything which is so hard because when I meet someone who I consider to be a friend, I want to help. I should know this already but I guess everyone can’t be happy all the time though.

Another person I have met is also a person who can make a person smile. They are so funny, for example when we go to an assembly or something they will roll their eyes or tell it like it is. We had a 15 min assembly yesterday and afterwards they were like well they could have went quicker (she them summarizes the assembly in thirty seconds haha). They are also in a super intense class. I was able to be a part of their class Wednesday when they had to teach the class and wowzers was it intense. They led us in a running and jumping phrase and they were smiling the whole time. I was pouring with sweat and they were just smiling away and telling us to keep going. I have so much respect for a person who can constantly keep going (and smile the whole time) and I think a lot of other people would also agree! I appreciate them and happy to call them a friend.

Finally I’ll mention one more person. This person has been to Ollerup before and seems to be wise. They were helping me teach a person this past week how to do something and it was very funny to say the least. The person says they did not need any help but me and them know they did 😉 They seem like a person who will help a person with anything they needed. For example they are constantly trying to help me with Danish (exactly how it’s said and believe me I speak TN not Danish so it’s definitely an adventure) and to teach me other random new things. They are funny, sweet, kind, and thoughtful person. Plus I think they know who they are because they’ve constantly asked me to be in a blog haha 😛

In a world where you can be anything be yourself. As I said at the beginning, “People are crazy”, but that’s them. Plus, honestly I think if they were any different they’d be pretty boring, and so maybe a little crazy is good sometimes. Until next y’all

DSCN0806Just a few of my friends I’ve made here, really nice people

First Day

“Tilbage til skole”

“Back to school”

Hey everyone, so today was officially my first day of school since the first week was an intro week. Ollerup is an interesting place, it’s full of these super athletic people who are able to do incredible things and who sing all the time. It’s actually pretty neat just watching the things they can do and a little intimidating. I was in rhythmical gymnastics Friday and one of the instructors told us that your body is an incredible thing, the mind may say “no, I don’t want to do anymore, I’m so tired” but the body is actually able to do so much. So think about this the next time you’re feeling tired and don’t think you can continue, at least try to go one more step and then since you made that one go another. Push yourself to the limit. I know I’ve always had a problem with this and still do, but this is one of those things I will be working on this semester.

Anyways, like I was saying today was the first official day. I had dance this morning from 8:30 in the morning until 11:30ish (talk about pushing your limits). As one of my friends here at Ollerup says about the amount of sweat on all of us, “My fat just won’t stop crying, it’s such a crybaby” haha. We had our teacher for the first time since he was doing a concert last week. He’s specialty is modern and jazz and trust me when I say modern I mean fall to the floor, get up, whoops back down again, contract, release back to the floor haha. He’s a really funny and talented guy though and I trust that I am going to learn so much from him and everyone else who teaches the class. We are going to have teachers who have their own specialties such as hip-hop and house. The person who is teaching the class those, I saw yesterday who was at auditions for a dance company she was the instructor. I’m super excited! The people in the class are all so friendly, they help one another, laugh along with you (sometimes at you 😛 ), and just really try their best. I really admire that kind of attitude.

The next two classes I had were more lecture based. One of the classes I believe is going to be a lot of fun, while the other uh…. Well we’ll just see about that one goes… The lecture classes today lasted from 1 p.m. until about 5:30, big difference between moving from 3 hours and sitting for about 4 hours (we have a small break) listening to things you’re trying to understand. I know that I’ll learn it as the semester goes along but it’s so hard at the beginning when you’re listening but all you’re hearing/understanding is how the teachers on Charlie brown talks.

Now I am sitting at a nice little quiet spot. Sometimes just sitting on some rocks and watching a lone duck in a pond is nice. This is a place that I go to just breathe for a little while. It’s a really relaxing place, I feel like I could fall asleep haha. The duck minds it’s on business and the frogs sometimes puts on a little hopping show, hopping from one lily pad to another and then in the water. I don’t know how long I can just sit here before the weather gets too bad though. It’s super windy here thus making it kind of cold so if you come to Denmark expect the wind because apparently it’s normal.

Overall, it’s been a pretty good little day. Let’s see how the rest of the semester goes. God nat y’all.