It’s about Time

“Tæl ikke hver time, men sørg for at hver time tæller”

“Don’t count every hour, but make sure each hour counts”

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well and having a great week thus far. It’s crazy how fast time can fly by. Can you believe it has already been a year since when I started at Ollerup? (And for all of you people who might not know for some reason, yes I am home in the U.S. back in Tennessee.) Time is a crazy thing, but like the quote says “don’t count every hour, but make sure each hour counts”. I may not be in Denmark anymore but I feel like it changed me. I think I may still continue to do a blog every once in a while and will still add a danish phrase. I kind of like doing this and maybe if any of y’all read these you might learn something…. or you might get bored 😉 Either way make sure every hour, minute, second, millisecond counts.

Both semesters I was at Ollerup, I was in the Dance Line and believe me it definitely wasn’t about the length of time. It really didn’t matter if it was a 30 second piece or over an hour long (which our spring concert Disconnected was). We were able to make 5-7 minute phrases in no time whatsoever, but it wasn’t the length that mattered. It was about what we could convey in that time, what story we could tell, and feelings. I have still yet to see Disconnected but from what I have heard from others is that they have enjoyed it and better yet felt something. A part of the Disconnected dance is me and this girl having a duet at the beginning with lifts and emotion. I still remember during our opening show our duet was in complete silence (the music was going on but it didn’t matter, it felt silent), it felt like it was just me, her, and nothing else. Every lift, movement, and feeling was there that night. It was a crazy feeling I had and I absolutely loved it. It felt as though time stopped for those short 10-15 minutes we were dancing. I knew what my dance teacher meant when he always said the time didn’t matter because it really didn’t, like I said I felt as though time just completely froze. These are the moments I love the most in dance. I hope I am able to find some sort of dance here or find a place I can fully practice myself.

So there seems to always be an adventure with me somehow or another haha. My trip home took forever. Literally I left around 5 p.m. DK time (which is 11 a.m. in TN) and got in Boston supposed to be at 7 p.m. but didn’t get off the plane until 8, because of delays and a plane being parked in our parking spot….. During the flight, I was directly in the middle, middle aisle, middle seat with two ladies on each side (and no they weren’t young, blonde, nor very quiet.) They continuously talked and asking questions, didn’t get any sleep on that flight. Well once I got to Boston it was probably another hour/hour and a half to just get through security. My next flight wasn’t until 6 a.m. the next morning and I wasn’t able to check in my luggage until 6 hours before (Note it’s around 10/10:30 at this time), the people thought I was crazy because I was so early, I didn’t have a choice though. Well midnight came around and I couldn’t check in my luggage then either because it’s freakin midnight and no one was there. So I had to stay up all night to make sure no one messed with my luggage nor me (I mean I’m in the states…). The only restaurant open was dunkin donuts and ewwww it was so nasty, I got a breakfast burrito and sat on a bench watching a mouse walk around the airport, not a pretty site. The following morning came, I got on the plane to head to Baltimore next and I was definitely asleep most of the flight. When I did wake up though there was this little boy maybe 4 or 5 years old constantly asking if that place was their hotel. My favorite line from the kid was “Oh, is that our hotel, it looks like it’s underground? Whoa!!!! What if that was our hotel and we met the Ninja Turtles?” HAHAHA The kid was hilarious. The flight was only about an hour and half long so I got to Baltimore and through security around 8:30. My next flight wasn’t until noon and all of the restaurants except dunkin donuts (whcih I was not going to eat again) was on the other side of security which I couldn’t get through because once again I couldn’t check in my luggage because the company I was flying with decided not to get there until at least 2 hours before. I didn’t have much to do so I decided to go ahead and wait in line. The company got there around 10:15 and I got through security by 10:40. I decided to eat at Quiznos and it wasn’t too bad 🙂 Even though when I looked at my change I felt confused (I was literally so use to danish krones, american coins looked funny haha). My last flight was to Knoxville Tennessee, was asked to switch seats as soon as I got on so these people could seat together, and by this point I could careless. I had maybe 2 hours of sleep in that long time of being awake. The family I sat with this time was this kid and grandmother from New Mexico excited to see the fireworks during the 4th. It was a long time until I got home and I definitely counted each hour then….

Time is a funny thing overall. A minute can feel like a lifetime but in a good way or bad. I have felt both and I’m sure you have too. Like the quote said, “make sure each hour counts”. Do what makes you happy and the time will feel like it’s been well spent. Thanks for reading (if you made it this far) and spending YOUR time doing this. Until next time, have a day.


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