One Act

“Jeg tror jeg har sommerfugle i maven på grund af dig”

“I think I have butterflies in my stomach because of you”

Wow it’s been awhile, I’m sorry! I hope you all are doing well and everything is going just swell for you. I have been on dance tour this whole week and what a week. It’s truly amazing how much I have learned this past semester and being able to showcase it to people all around Denmark. I can officially say I have done a 1 hour and some minutes dance 🙂 and that I have danced internationally for people outside the school. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime and done things I never thought possible. Thank you to Ollerup and to all of my current and past dancer teachers. Woot woot!

It’s really interesting how one act of something can change things. For example, this dance has made people cry, rethink of what they are doing in their life, and some just confused. One act of kindness, one sweet word, or even just a simple smile can change a person’s day. At the same time one rude/mean act, one word/phrase, or another person in a bad or sad mood can also change your day. Both of these things I have felt throughout this year (more during the spring than fall term and mostly the hurtful ones…). I try to stay positive a lot of times and I know I’m a different kind of person than most (laughing at everything, not making sense half the time, and probably talking too much) but when I constantly hear mean things or someone is just rude when talking it really affects a person. I’m not sure if people actually realize this or not but it’s true. I also hear “oh if someone is being rude just walk away or tell them they are being rude”, well I’m not that type of person. Plus from observing that usually doesn’t work. I can’t do those types of things because I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. I really want people to think harder before they say something, because honestly it’s just getting pathetic now.

The dance tour overall was as my dance teacher says “okay”. It was great experience like I said earlier but there is still so much for me and others to learn. For example, dancers (and yes I said dancers not audience members but dancers) on the side of the stage talking while the performance is going on and a very beautiful solo at that. Just don’t talk, I found that to be very annoying, I honestly didn’t think I would find it to be so annoying but it’s made me a little angry. They actually ruined the picture for me…. I don’t know if the audience could hear them but I could, and it was our last show of the tour and this is how I felt. It’s really a shame…. I’m sorry but that aggravated me so much I can’t remember what I was going to say next? So I’ll just move on.

My final words to this post, because I feel like I’ve said enough for now haha, is spread joy not hate around. Be yourself, and I know I’ll get some smartelic response of “oh but myself is rude or that’s just me” and my response is if yourself is a jerk well then DON’T, just try to not be one for a day, a week, year, heck maybe the rest of your life. I know I had a lot of complaining in this and I apologize once again but it helps get the grr out :P. Thanks to everyone who has any part of me and dance once again and those of you who reads my posts. Miss you all and hope you have an amazing upcoming week!


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