Norway and Break!

“You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you make someone’s day better everyday.”

“Du er smuk, du er betydningsfuld og du gør en andens dag bedre hver dag.”

Hey y’all, I hope you’re having a great day and past few weeks. I told ya it was probably going to be like two weeks until my next blog :P. I decided to put this phrase up today because well I think everyone should be reminded that they are all those things and much more! Remember that, I know I have to remind myself sometimes. It’s been an interesting past few weeks, like an elevator, and have been really debating what this blog should be about. I know I was going to talk about Norway for a bit but was debating on writing something for a while now just don’t know how to say it quiet yet so for now this is what I’ve got… We went to Norway last week and now we are back safe and sound, only a few injuries (luckily not me). Also side Good news note is that I think spring is finally peaking its head out and starting to get Warmer and more sunny :)! I’ve even been getting a little tanned ;).

Norway was absolutely gorgeous! I already loved the snow but now even more. It was an experience I think everyone should try at least once (or well when I say once I mean at least a couple of days to get the hang of it 😉 ). As you know this was my first time skiing and I was in the beginners group aka the best group haha. I was probably the first one to fall in my group, decided to ski backwards quiet a bit, and even on my back a few times… :P. Needless to say, I’m actually really shocked I didn’t hurt myself (thank goodness for my outrageous flexibility 😀 ). I think I got a lot better though by the third day, probably from Wednesday to Friday I fell maybe 5-7 times, and just Monday to Tuesday alone probably 30+ haha. It was a really fun experience though, going to the top of the mountain, being above the clouds, relaxing. It’s something that I’d like to do again one day (preferably when I don’t have a performance coming up just in case).

The next event or whatever you want to call it is Easter break. I am free from Wednesday night until Monday. I was planning on traveling a lot but that also costs money so I think I’ll mostly be in Denmark still might travel Denmark a little but no Paris or Rome for now. I have that diving course in April so I think I’ll use most of my time to prepare for that, work on a project, and of course practice dance. It’s going to be an event break but don’t worry I’ll definitely relax as well. All work and no play/doing nothing isn’t always the best. I’m looking forward to so much stuff, so many things are happening and I’m ready!

Though I’m in Denmark don’t forget me y’all at home or people in Denmark. It’s nice to hear from folks every so often, I know it’s both ways but maybe if I say it I’ll remember too. Until my next blog, you’re beautiful, you’re worthy, and you make someone’s day so much better just by being yourself everyday. Have a great upcoming week!


Home Is Where The Heart Is

“Tag dig sammen mand”

“Pull yourself together man”

Hey y’all, I hope you’re having a lovely day and past month. I can’t believe it’s been about a month since my last post, time really does fly…. I have been in Danmark now for about 7 months or more, that’s a long time! Long time not really getting to see my family, my dog, sleep in my own bed, heck even just taking a shower in my own shower where I don’t have to worry about wearing sandals :D. I have enjoyed my time here so far, don’t get me wrong, but boy it sure can be hard being away from home sometimes. Because honestly, home is where the heart is. It’s where a person can feel most belonged and comfortable. I miss it but I also know I probably wouldn’t change a thing if I had a chance, this is an experience of a lifetime. I’m learning so much, growing as a person, in a freaking different country ahh :), meeting people I know I could never forget (even some I wish I could :P), and hopefully getting better at dance! It’s really awesome to  be able to experience such a journey. A lot has happened these 7 or so months and continues to be happening especially lately and it’s good stuff but also a little overwhelming.

This upcoming week we’re heading to Norway!!!! Yup little ol’ TN boy is gonna face another challenge…. SKIING!!! I’m excited, nervous, happy, and afraid all at the same time haha. It’s going to be so cool to try this, but also nervous I’m gonna hurt myself because I’m clumsy 😛 ( knock on wood or as the Danes say syv, ni, tretten). I’m also super excited to be able to travel to somewhere new, somewhere I haven’t been before. We’re staying in cabins so it should be nice and relaxing :D. I’ll try to write another blog post next week describing (but knowing me it might be two weeks…). We’ll see how this trip goes, but either way I’m ready (Jeg er super klar)!

Starting in April, I will be taking a diving course to get my diving certificate. I know strange but I have an opportunity and I’m gonna take it! I’m actually the only international in the class (also intimating but I’m from Tennessee so I can do it haha). The class will be in April where I have to read and take exams during April and then a practical exam in the pool in June. I was able to try to do a test dive a couple of weeks ago and it was so neat being able to breathe under water, though the instructor kept telling me to calm down under water (even though I wasn’t freaking out or anything so that was a tad strange haha). I need to learn how to swim with fins though it was so hard, never swam with them before so it was different!! I will be practicing that and studying so that way hopefully I will excel!

There is actually a lot more things happening (like a chance to be teaching some dance after Ollerup) but for now I’ll leave it with Norway and Diving (quiet opposites actually, swimming and skiing). In life a person must constantly make decisions some big and some small, but a decision nonetheless. I made a decision to come to Denmark and now I’m here, like I said earlier I miss home a lot but I think I’ve made the right decision. So as my quote says, I guess I just need to pull myself together and continue to try to make the best out of my experiences while being here. I miss y’all 🙂