Smile and keep moving

“Du er glasuren på min kage”

“You are icing on my cake”

Hey y’all, I hope you’re having a fantastic morning, afternoon, night… Day! Time for a new blog post, so busy, and still so sick… :/. Since my last blog I did start feeling better but now I’m back to feeling blah. But don’t worry, I’m still going to classes (and probably spreading my sickness…. Whoops). Since my last blog many things have happened so sit back, grab a bag of chips, and prepare to listen or well read ;).

So I have been training! I mean training in the gym not just with dance! If you know me well that’s not me, but I’m doing it. My friend of mine here is like a wizard or something, somehow he has talked me into going and continuing to go. It has sadly been about 3-4 days since I’ve lasted trained though because of this darn sickness (headache, stomach ache, non stop coughing and throat hurting, not fun stuff). But honestly I can’t wait to start again. I know, crazy I’m even saying that, but it’s true! I actually do miss it but I also know I need to start feeling better before I start going hard again. Words of wisdom, always make sure you take care of yourself, know your limits, and sometimes things really can wait! I’ll try to keep y’all updated on my gym quest though and maybe one day I’ll actually be able to show results.

This past week was called OD week (don’t quiet remember what it stands for but it’s for not overdose haha). I’ll get back to that week in the next paragraph but I wanted to mention the last day and the morning assembly we were told. Monday through Friday we have what’s called a morning assembly where someone will say something and it is pretty open to what people say (from being motivated, having their dreams ruined because of an injury, to talking about the amount of germs in your poop. Yeah it can be about anything). Anyways, this morning assembly was really personal and sad at the same time and people were honestly really rude, constantly coughing some real, some just being childish. There’s no reason for people to do that! I mean it’s just freakin 30 minutes out of their day and if someone is coughing that much maybe they should get up and go outside so the rest of the people can listen. So if your cougher…. Kindly stop please :|. Okay now that the rant is over…. It was about last semester and when the school was having some sort of event for people (old and young.) We were not at the school during that week but there was an older gentleman who died during the event and the teacher felt so much remorse because he felt that he had failed, that he could have done something, that it was his fault (the older gentleman was older and had something wrong with his heart just so we’re clear) but it also made the teacher realize how fragile life really is. Which it’s true, a person can be taken away in an instance. It’s a sad thought but it’s also reality… Next words of wisdom: cherish your time with your loved one, try not to stress as much, and like I said before sometimes things can wait so go out and enjoy time with your friends/family every once in a while. Really think how you are using your time…

Alright, so OD week was an interesting one, we explored Danish history and tried out many things like old gymnastics and games. We even went winter bathing (it was super cold burr)! During this week I spent almost an entire day being told stuff just in Danish???, I did old gymnastics without using trampolines because they didn’t have them yet but instead some kind of spring board, I did acro yoga (always fun and I was even a flyer aka the guy in the air for a lot of them), danced old folk dances (and knew all the dances thank ya Tennessee and Kentucky haha), and I even tried chair dancing. It was an interesting and fun week. OD day was on Saturday and sadly I was just taking team photos so I saw most of the performances (performances being someone on the team who went to Ollerup at some point in their life, some even current students) on live stream but it was still pretty neat, I think I took some good photos :). It was such a busy day too, I went from 6:38 in the morning (supposed to be 30 but woke up late haha) until 3:45 that night. Busy busy, but everyone seemed happy so that’s the important part. No wisdom words on this one.

Finally I’m gonna wrap things up on this post. I did my solo yesterday for my dance class and you should check it out, pretty awesome sounds. I know I always say it but I’m gonna try to write more on these and try to actually breathe and stay as busy but we’ll see what happens ;). Oh and about my danish phrase this time, just something to hopefully bring a smile to y’alls faces :D. Until next time folks who still reads these, good morning, good evening, and good night!


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