Challenges Accepted!

“Du er sΓΈd som en knap”

“You are cute as a button”

Hey y’all I hope you’re having a swell day/week. First off, apparently Danes don’t use my quote of the blog but I definitely did in Tennessee so I had to share it. The face I got when I said it to someone was priceless haha. Anyways… This semester is definitely more intensive than the last but in a good way. It is pushing and pulling me in ways that I probably wouldn’t have been if I didn’t continue. It’s good to be pulled and pushed sometimes, or well not so much right now because I’m a tad sick, and if you know me when I’m sick I try to keep going till I can’t anymore. As my dad use to always say, “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough” and well I think I’m feeling more dumb than tough right now 😐. It’s keeping me busy, hence why I haven’t wrote anything in awhile.

Dance has been great already this semester. There are four guys and like maybe fifteen girls??? These people are talented too, the teacher kind of rushed us in the beginning (with like improvisation) which made me a tad nervous since these were brand new people (some probably never really danced before) but now I am loving it. It opened up people so quickly! I still don’t feel as close with them as I did with last semesters dance group by this time of the year, but maybe it’ll come. They seem like really sweet people overall, more serious than last years group but still sweet. At least I feel like I’m getting a tad better, not as much as I want to be but a tad πŸ˜ƒ I went to a dance performance last night (which ironically enough is actually where the dance class is going to have our premier show) and it was the same group I watched last semester if you remember reading that blog. The dancers were amazing but the dance itself not as much. It was honestly just tricks and props for an hour, I mean don’t get me wrong I love tricks (not so much props) but you have to use them at the proper time. If you don’t it just kind of gets boring. Sum it up… Cool tricks, not so much dance, but I will say the kinds of things they could do was actually a little inspiring and makes me want to work harder. So it’s good that I saw the performance at the beginning of this year so I actually still have time to train! I have a solo due in about a week and a half so let’s see what I can pull out of my sleeve after watching a show and feeling inspired πŸ˜‰.

So it’s still a little strange having all these new people and still not really understanding Danish very well (I know a lot of that is my fault for not focusing more or using my resources as much but still). I am constantly sitting in places and not knowing what’s going on. I’ve said this to my friends and they almost always say “well Zane did you ask them to speak English, it’s your own fault.” And I always say no when asked. But honestly I have maybe two reasons why I say no. First off if it’s important enough I’m sure they would try to translate it and second, it’s their native language and it’s their country not mine so why would I try to force their second or third language onto them. I’m just still trying to get use to that its not 50/50 this year with the people here. Last semester there was pretty much as many internationals as there were Nordics. It can be a challenge sometimes but luckily I am still meeting all kinds of new people and constantly learning new things about people and places.

I can already tell this semester is going to be different and I’m so looking forward to it! 😁 I’ll try to write more blogs (magic word is try) and keep everyone updated so that you know that I’m still alive haha. Now I’m about to head to go train because one of my friends from last semester wants me to and said I need to haha (yup, like I said definitely different… πŸ˜‰). Have a good day or night y’all!


New adventures, same place

GlΓ¦delig jul og godt nytΓ₯r

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hey everyone, I hope you had an amazing Christmas and memorable New Years! It’s now to start my second semester here at Olleup. It really is crazy to think that it has already been 5 months since I first came to Denmark. Time really does fly when you’re learning so much AND having fun at the same time πŸ˜‰. I am so sad that a lot of my friends from last semester aren’t coming back (except maybe for random visits) but I’m also excited to see what this semester will hold and the people I’ll meet.

This was day three of being at Olleup, a lot of the people who decided to stay from last semester came Saturday in order to say their hellos and hugs. This was so the new people didn’t feel even more nervous / uncomfortable because people knew one another and they may not have known anyone. Honestly though, I think these new people already know a lot of each other. So I’ve kind of felt how I did last semester where I’m just that strange, shy guy from Tennessee who doesn’t really know how to introduce himself nor will probably remember your name. And of course twice as much Danish is being spoken. I had dance today so that helped! I mean that’s really where I found my friends from last semester (which once again I miss y’all!) and started feeling more involved. Like I said though, I’m not sure what this semester is going to hold but looking forward to it either way.

The people seem really nice, though I don’t know how to really say hi to them yet haha. I also live across from the room I had last semester and a new roommate. I haven’t got to know him very well yet but I’m sure that will change over the semester. He’s pretty well known already to people I’ve told who he was and they’ve really only said good things, so that’s good. He seems nice thus far πŸ™‚. This semester’s going to be so different!

While I’m writing anyways, I’ll kind of mention what I did over Christmas break. I spent Christmas and New Years this year in Denmark. I ate probably entirely way too much food (they have pretty much one meal but it lasts all day), played new games which won me some presents haha, sung around a Christmas tree, understood maybe 10% of the entire Christmas break (really need to learn Danish…), jumped into the new year (literally I jumped from a chair into the New Year, apparently it’s supposed to be good luck), and was lazy majority of the time. I was able to visit new places in Denmark which I’ll add to my Danish map I have. It’s so neat to see new places and do new things. I wouldn’t say it was the best Christmas I’ve ever had but I survived my first Danish Christmas either way πŸ˜„!

Back to the semester ahead. Yes I am nervous and yes I know it’s not going to be probably anywhere near how it was last semester (except maybe these songs we sing) but I’m going to try my best like I always do and see what happens. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a new semester, new people, and new stories to tell about all the adventures. Good night or good morning everyone πŸ˜ƒ