Not Goodbye Just Vi Ses

When one adventure ends another is surely about to begin.

Når et eventyr slutter er et andet sikkert ved at starte

Hey everyone, I hope things have been going swell for you these past few weeks or whenever my last blog post was. This week was the last week for the fall semester at Olleup and what a week it has been. Heck what a whole semester it has been. I have met some amazing people, learned so much, and been able to experience an entirely new country in just 4.5 months! That’s a lot in just a short period of time. This week was outro week and graduation weekend for the people not continuing. It was so sad to say goodbye to so many great people last night and throughout this week.

When I first came to Ollerup, let alone Denmark, I didn’t know what to expect. I was honestly really nervous and kind of scared of what the semester would hold. I’ve been away from home before but the fact of me (alone in a foreign country) not being able to call or text someone and they be there within 2-3 hours was different for me. I am so glad for all of the people I met at Ollerup, because I really don’t think I could have done it without them. I’m going to truly miss them a lot. This last week was an exciting but sad one. We had many activities for the outro week including lots of fun and games (together with everyone), singing, cake time, me doing a speech at graduation, and singing from our song books. We got song books from the school at the beginning of the year and we have sang from them practically every morning. Because this was the end we wrote in them kind of like how I use to write in yearbooks, which helps people remember once you’re gone. The things I got written in my book were so sweet and kind. Some people at the school think I “have a way with words” but I really don’t think so. It was so hard to write in them, I mean I had lots of memories but never really knew what to say. There was maybe 3 or 4 books I knew exactly what I wanted to say but wrote over the words in one of them so they probably wouldn’t be able to read it….

Anyways, these past few months have been really great overall. I think that I have gained many friends that I will probably never be able to forget nor would want to forget. I hope I will be able to stay in touch with them, because they really did mean a lot to me. I’ve also learned so much over the year. I’ve had been able to do modern, jazz, house, hip hop, and ballet while in my dance class. I’ve also worked my butt off physically and mentally (I think it shows too 😀 ). We had our last show of the semester yesterday and I can honestly say that I gave it all I got. My first dance teacher came and was very impressed, so that’s always encouraging! I even did a really good jump, I don’t think I would be as bragging if I didn’t try to do the same jump 3 or so years ago and not do so well at it. It just made me feel so happy and showed me how much I truly am growing and continue will try to grow. I am very thankful for the experiences Ollerup has offered thus far.

My time at Ollerup is not over yet. This was nearly the beginning of my journey and I can’t wait to continue it starting January. The people I’ve met this year has changed me more than they’ll ever know. I am so thankful for each and every one of them who I can call my friend. Each of them taught me something new and were there for me in my ups and downs. The spring term people have big shoes to fill. One of my friends I made during the fall has even invited me to their house (and yes I’m extra thankful to them) so I’m on a mini adventure now. Spending Christmas with a Dane and will be experiencing something completely new! First time I’m away from home for Christmas but also wouldn’t want to change a thing because I’m excited to be able to be a part of something my first A Danish Christmas. My fall term is over and saying goodbye to friends is never easy but I am so happy that I have been able to meet them and enjoy at least this long with them. Until next time, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas or as the Danes say “Glædelig Jul” 😉

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World Championship

Nej betyder nej!

No means no!

Hey folks, hope everyone is having a great day! Today is December 1st which means AHHHH Christmas is coming! I love Christmas time, there is almost always some kind of cheer and smiling faces from people. I know it’s early but I’m already going to say my first words of wisdom to you 😉 “If you’re not smiling, make sure to try to smile because you never know who’s falling in love with that smile 🙂 ” This Christmas is going to be a brand new experience for me, it’s going to be sad and happy. I’m going to be away from my family this year but also going to be in the great land of Danmark with my friend so I get to experience a DANISH CHRISTMAS!!!

This past week I went to the world championship for power tumbling and my job was being a security guard. Let me tell you something, people do not listen very well and don’t believe in hearing the word no apparently. I have some of the most funny stories though. So this is going to be a funny blog or at least I think they are funny now after I’m not there and don’t have to deal with it any more. These are going to be a series of true events that happened to me while being at the championship.

Let me start off with the day that I had to take a shift that I shouldn’t have. During the days we had a set schedule and so a person might be at a station for 2 hours and then have a 2 hour break to enjoy the competition but sadly a lot of people are getting sick and the person who made the schedule sometimes didn’t have a plan d. For example when a person is supposed to replace you at 3 p.m. but is sick then they’re probably not coming so we have a back up person and well…. that person was sick too… So there I was stuck at zone 13 where everyone wants to sit but is only for paid participants aka people with bracelets and tickets. So anyone who doesn’t have those things are not supposed to be up there. I would tell people no and they would tell me no instead and just walk past me haha People would speak their own language and it was like I was a ghost or not even there.

First story, I’ll try to narrow it down to the best 2 to 3 stories. I was asked by a lady Saturday to move a guy in a wheelchair because he was  blocking her view. I said “oh so you want me to be the bad guy” and she replies with “exactly”. I found someone to cover my area to go searching for someone a tad meaner than I and was told pretty much that he paid for his seat/area to so he doesn’t have to move so I asked well can you tell the lady that and they said no…. So I go back to the lady telling her I went searching for someone meaner, she laughed but then she demanded new seats then. I was a volunteer and clearly didn’t have that power or didn’t think I did. Well the lady points across the room at the other side and says she wants to sit there (which in that section you have to have a 7 on your badge). I said okay do you have a 7 and she says no and I mean of course she says no, that would be to easy if she said yes. I said okay, I’ll see what I can do. I go talk to the guards on duty and they asked their boss and BAM the deed was done, they said yes. I go back upstairs and say okay y’all can move just follow me so I can make sure you get past security with no problem, their response “oh right now? I think we’re going to wait…..” AHHH Don’t complain if you’re not going to be thankful when someone tries to help.

Where I was on guard at their was two sets of stairs on each side of the bleachers. I was on zone 13 and my friend was on 14, it’s small enough to where you could walk back and forth if needed. On this particular day I had two extra people helping me and my friend only had herself. We were making sure to NOT let people in, so I made sure I had back up. I decided to walk over to my friend and was trying her best to not let people in as well. The most commonly used line to get in was I need to see blank or pick up blank, it’ll be just 2 minutes! 2 minutes would turn into a lot longer time so on this day we made sure to make it ONLY 2 minutes and would kick them out after that time. This person came in on my friend’s side and said 2 minutes, like the others, but this time I made sure to kind of follow him and wait haha. I waited on the stairs to where he couldn’t see me and waited about 3-5 minutes then went over to him, by this time he was eating a sandwich and drinking. I told him his two min were up and he said a could of more minutes and I replied well you have 10 seconds haha. After about 7 seconds he was up and went out the way he came in. I told my friend I kicked him out and said I’m going back to my post. While walking I see my two back ups talking to someone and about lost it cracking up when I saw who it was. It was the guy I literally just kicked out, he walked down one set of stairs and walked up the other. He also told them they he didn’t speak/understand English (even though I just had a conversation with him) and said “haha I just kicked him out”. His face was priceless and looked like he just saw a ghost.

My time at the worlds were overall enjoyable and definitely created some stories I can never forget and will gladly tell you more but don’t feel like typing on and on so these two will due for now 😉 I have a hard time saying no a lot of times, so honestly being at a place where I would continuous have to say no to people helped me a little. So sometimes you can’t please everyone, heck most of the time, and sometimes you can/will make people mad but remember always do it with a smile 😀 Good night everyone.