Dance like it’s your first time

“Alt, hvad du siger eller gør, fortæller historien om dig.”

“Everything you say or do, tells the story about you”

This past week and a little more has just not been  the best for me. I feel like I have went through a war and won the war but lost the battle. So as many of you know or well will know after reading this, me and my girlfriend broke up Sunday the 18th. It was a mutual breakup but still feels kind of sad ya know, I mean we dated for 3 years and 7 months, that’s a long time. We are still friends at least 🙂 Also this week, some stuff I don’t want to mention on a here happened at home and it scared me and made me extra sad. I know even if I was at home there was really nothing I could do about the thing that scared me but still felt defenseless because I am so far away. I am having a lot of fun here at Ollerup but not being able to control things at home is hard. I have also felt like I have been annoying people rather than making them laugh like I use to, I know I’m probably not but been feeling like I have been lately :/.

My last blog was about friendship and let me tell you something, these folks are amazing. Though I feel like I am annoying a lot of times and most of them, I have found out that a lot of them truly care about me. They’ll come to my room and just check up on me or won’t let me pass them in the hallway without giving them hug. I said it a lot in my last post but I appreciate each and every one of them. Life is not always easy but having people who care makes it a bit easier at least. I am trying to get back to being happy, not as annoying Zane, but for some reason something feels strange. Like I know I have people who care here, but when I feel down I don’t want to be around anyone (even if I probably should be) because I don’t want them to feel down as well. I care for people and don’t like making people sad or letting them down even if I am down.

Today may not have been my day or week but I will have to admit I had a great time tonight. Plus I thought I should mention this so this isn’t all sad boo woo kind of post. Tonight I danced, I Zane kind of danced tonight. I was silly, I felt like myself. I felt how I felt the first time I had my first dance class. Ironically, I was dancing Swing, which is actually one of the dances that use to always aggravate me (maybe it doesn’t bother me as much because I have hip hop now 😛 ). I really didn’t want to dance tonight but one of my friends needed a partner and like I said earlier, I don’t like letting people down so there I was tonight. I learned a lesson and me and my partner made it our own. The class was fun but I also feel like we made it a tad more fun for ourselves at least. Thanks for a great class partner (if you read this).

Anyways back to my quote and for your wise words of wisdom from Zane time. Everything you say or do, tells the story about you. Most of the time we write with a pen so things are not always easily erasable, I hope you remember that. Write your story well, right now my story is at it’s grab a tissue box part, but don’t worry, one of these days it be back to not being able to stop smiling and laughing at the random things I do. I love you all and thanks for your support. DSCN9236A picture of Venus and Jupiter from Sunday the 25th, best I could do.



“Gode venner er som stjerner. Man kan ikke altid se dem, men man ved de altid er der”

“Good friends are like stars. You cannot always see them but you know they are always there”

Ah friendship, friends are those people that can annoy the crap out of you but at the same time make you smile and laugh. The people who knows what you are scared of so they like to constantly tell you (insert fear) is behind you just to see you shake a little. They are also the people who will fight tooth and nail for you and tell you everything will be alright when you’re having a rough day. Yeah, this blog is about those kinds of people 🙂 Also random side note, I was asked to write a blog post as a guest blogger for a Danish blog site. Check it out if you get a chance

Ollerup has kept me very busy and I have wanted to post more but sadly cannot always do so. I wanted to write this post about friends and how they can affect a person’s life because well these crazy people really have affected me more than they already know. About two weeks ago, the school had this event called Move Week and two days for Sports event (Move week was the whole week but Sports day was on the Monday and Tuesday). I was one of the people who was in charge of taking photos, editing, and stuff like that for Move Week. On Monday I started feeling a little sick but was still supposed to play Hockey that Monday and Tuesday. As my dad always says, “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”. I could have probably sat out most of the games but stubborn me says nope, I’m playing…… bad mistake. Tuesday evening I felt horrible and probably looked even worse! I ended up going to bed early that day and still felt blaaa in the morning. I woke up late, but still went to my cleaning duty area because every morning each student has an area they are supposed to take care of. I saw one of my friends while grabbing the vacuum and they told me, “Zane you look horrible and you need to go to bed”. I told them I can’t because I was supposed to take pictures that week. When I sign up for a job or make a promise I am a man of my word, but once again “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”. 😉 I made it until about 10:30 or so in the morning before I got tired of hearing “Zane go to bed” haha I wrote on facebook that I finally was going to bed and asked if someone could wake me up for lunch. To my surprise, not even 5 minutes later I got a response saying that someone would. I woke up for lunch, had zero appetite, was told by friends to go back to bed (this time I listened) and was pretty much in bed the rest of the day. I got messages throughout the day though asking how I was feeling, if I needed anything, and the most thoughtful part, people actually coming to my room to bring me tea, bread, or cake. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it brings a tear to my eye to see how kind and thoughtful people are. How kind and thoughtful MY FRIENDS are. Once again thank you to those who took care of me that week and continue to watch over me always.

This past week I went to southern Denmark (and Germany for one day). I really love traveling and seeing the world I live in, it’s so cool to see the similarities and differences in places. Anyways during this week we had to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and in classrooms. The rooms were small and the people many so sleeping is always a fun part of the trip. And yes, I know you’ll ask, I was one of those people who snored…. Kind of loud…… okay super loud…. It’s one of those things I wish I could stop but yeah no luck. I made a couple of folks upset and personally I can’t blame them, I’d be pretty mad too if I (a non-snorer) was trying to sleep and all you heard was (insert loud snore sound). Though I made the people upset, they forgave me (or well I think they have haha). During the week we had to do a lot random things that were actually pretty bonding. I went kayaking the first day! It was so much fun, I kind of let the kayak float itself mostly so I wouldn’t tip but it was still fun :P. Another day we walked majority of the time searching for random things and competing against one another. I climbed a pole, threw freebies from a kayak, wrote a rap song, and tried to run a lap while sucking a pea in a straw. If that doesn’t bond people, I don’t know what will ;). I even learned how to say the roses are red, violets are blue saying in Danish! Thursday was not really my day, it was one of those days that nothing really goes well for you and you just want to grr ahhh jkrnjknknn (I know you know what I mean!) I was kind of short with people. When they asked me something I would answer short and quick, I feel bad about it but even when I was like that they showed compassion to me, they asked if there was something they could do and left me alone when it showed that I just needed me time. They care so much and I care for them as well. I know that is what friends are supposed to do (care) but it still makes me feel warm inside when they do. I appreciate them so much.

Friends are those people who when you’re having a rough day they come to your room because they know you wouldn’t say it to them in a text. A friend is a person who starts to know you more than you know yourself. Ollerup has kept me busy and makes me go crazy sometimes but with friends like the ones I’m making here, it makes the business and craziness seem like nothing. I know I’ve said it a couple of times in this post but thank you and honestly can never say it enough times to them. To everyone reading this, go out and try to make a new friend today (or visit a friend you already have) and make memories that will last a lifetime. I know I am 😀

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