Dance and Study

“Drøm sødt”

Dream sweet

Hey everyone, it’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve written a blog. No I have not forgotten, I actually really wish I could write more but it’s definitely been super busy here! These past two weeks has had it’s ups and downs like any week, but overall it’s been good and fun! Everything I see and do I learn so much. I’ve been here for about a month or so now but still get surprised about the littlest of things.This isn’t my little ol’ state of Tennessee anymore, even if I’m getting folks to say y’all and cool beans more haha.

So lets talk about going to Odense and seeing a dance concert with the dance and rhythmic line. Let me just say, these are some of the coolest and funniest people I know here. The entire bus ride to Odense one of my friends tried to teach me some of the most random (but useful) danish phrases. Once we got there we had to have lessons outside because we came to the workshop too early, I would have loved to see the peoples reactions from the people living in the building we were at. When the workshop was ready we were able to practice waacking and house. This style is so much different than I’ve ever worked with and…… it’s amazing! After the workshops and being nice and sweaty me and a couple of my friends went out into the town and ate and shopped. We ate at Sunset and it tasted a lot like home, but a tad healthier. I know I write something about food every time and well 😛 this is my blog lol. So the dance concert was probably something I have never seen or will probably see again because it was so different. The speaker told us we couldn’t have our phones out, we would have to enter 5 at a time, hold the person’s shoulder in front of you, and it was pitch black when walking. The show was about energy and I was getting tried just watching, so much passion and force…. and grunting. The dance concert is pretty much all I remember from that week so lets say it was a good one ;).

The following week was our study trip to Copenhagen. I was not looking forward to it honestly. Everyone else (the Danes) went to Iceland, Amsterdam, and Norway and I was in such as short week. Now that the trip is over with though, it was a pretty good week. My bus buddy for the trip and I had some really nice conversation. She taught me one valuable lesson that I need to always remember which was to not care what others thought about you. So what if you look bad in a picture, have confidence in yourself, tell yourself that you look good today. If you feel good about yourself, it really makes you have a different outlook on your life. The city of Copenhagen was really beautiful. I saw the town at night, smiling faces, the city life, the amazing harbor front that you see on postcards, and even the little mermaid ;). It was a pretty good trip, each day was filled with so many activities and things that I will never forget. I made memories with people that will last a lifetime 🙂

Now we are into this week and the quote I said at the beginning. I am having so much trouble saying the first word drøm. The Danes have been decently kind helping me with it (lots of laughing but lots of repeating) but this one is a doozy for me. For some reason I cannot say this word. GRRRRR 😡 I will continue trying my best though and maybe, just maybe I’ll learn how to say that word by some point. Until then, I’ll just write it out 😉